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Setting a New Standard for Railcar Cleaning

We've cleaned more than 30,000 railcars and dozens of locomotives in Canada over the past ten years.

Scotts offers the most efficient and cost-effective railcar cleaning in the nation. Scotts Pressure Wash uses a wastewater recovery system and power washing technique, setting a standard of excellence in the rail industry that is unrivaled. Given our commitment to excellence and unmatched service, we are the leading railcar cleaning company.


Whole Unit Trains Cost-Effectively Cleaned in Mere Days

Whole unit trains often contain more than 125 cars, so quality cleaning in the railcar industry is a daunting task to say the least.

Because our competitors work with fixed, permanent locations, many railcars only get cleaned when they're brought in for repairs or routine maintenance. This process can run up costs quickly, and leaves significant quality gaps. Scotts Pressure Wash is the only company in the world capable of achieving cost effectiveness, with a full water recovery system cleaning whole unit trains (125 cars) in just four days.

With our commitment to the environment, we ensure that the benefits of our railcar cleaning service don’t harm the planet. Contact us today for a site visit and get best practices railcar washing services on site.




Rapid railcar power washing is just a click away.

With a network of convenient locations across western Canada, more than 25 mobile wash units and a dedicated team of power washing professionals, peace of mind comes standard with every Scotts commercial property washing experience.