Spot-Free Water Softener | New Exterior Detail Wash | 3 Full-Service Bays

Calgary's Convenient Fleet Cleaning Solution

Scotts has three full-service truck wash bays open seven days a week!

If you're driving through the Calgary area, consider taking advantage of our drive-through truck wash bays in the southeast industrial area. Full-service, first come first served, and open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm seven days a week! Just drive up and let our trained cleaning crews do the rest. Relax in our lounge while your rig is being serviced. Have a cup of complimentary coffee, read the paper and relax. Click Here for the full price list.

4747 68 AVE SE

Newly Renovated and Upgraded Wash Bays

Our truck wash bays now feature upgraded power washing equipment.

Scotts has brand new services and equipment. We offer tire foam brush service and engine degreasing capability too. Our powerful cleaning equipment lets our trained wash bay technicians give your rig a fast, affordable and thorough cleaning while you relax.

  • Regular express exterior wash will leave your truck looking brand new
  • New exterior detail wash features an engine wash, tractor wash, spot-free rinse and wax
  • Three full-service wash bays for even faster service with little to no waiting

Scotts Special: Semi Truck Sundays

Get $10 off full & express washes for all hiway/city units.

Take your rig to our full-service wash bays at 4747-68 Ave NE and take advantage of this sweet special! Get $10 off any full or express wash on any given Sunday during the dates listed on the coupon.


Fleet Wash Savings Calculator

Think it's cheaper to wash your own vehicles? Run some numbers through our savings calculator and find out.

From mobile fleet washing crews to drive-in wash bays, Scotts is hands down the most resourceful route to keeping your fleet looking its absolute best year-round.




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