Keep your fleet vehicles and commercial properties looking their best for less than you may think with Scotts Pressure Wash.

At Scotts Pressure Wash, we’ve spent more than 50 years cementing our reputation as the leading commercial image management service in Canada. We maintain a steadfast commitment to providing our customers with reliable, high quality and cost-effective hot water power washing services powered by the latest equipment, the most environmentally responsible cleaners, and the best cleaning crews in the business.

Combine our same-day response times with powerful mobile hot water washing units and the most highly trained technicians in the field, and you’ve got a formula custom-designed to tackle cleaning projects from relatively commonplace to the most challenging. From truck fleets and heavy equipment to commercial properties and everything in between, trust Scotts to keep your corporate curb appeal squeaky clean.

Mobile Fleet Washing

Looking for affordable, reliable, wow-factor fleet washing services? Look no further.

At Scotts Pressure Wash, we understand how important it is for your company's fleet to maintain a clean image. Each truck is a mobile advertisement for your business, and a source of pride for its driver. Whether you pull into our state-of-the-art wash bays (Calgary location) or we dispatch a mobile wash unit to your work site, we'll guarantee you an exceptional clean.


Commercial Property Washing

Commercial Property owners know that optics dictate perceived value in the marketplace.

Warehouse managers understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe workplace. For fast, reliable commercial property power washing services, contact Scotts today for a quick quote and a job well done. Whether it's a scheduled clean or an urgent spill situation, Scotts backs its services with an ironclad guarantee.


Drive-In Wash Bays (Calgary Location)

Time is money when your trucks are on the road. Save both with Scotts.

With three newly renovated wash bays, Scotts provides the best interior and exterior cleaning services at our drive through locations. Trained technicians do all the work for you when you bring your rig to us for regular power washing service. Learn more about our new water softener and spot-free rinse, and how easy it is to keep your truck's exterior looking brand new.


Heavy Equipment Washing

On the job, your heavy duty construction equipment often requires urgent cleaning service.

Scotts provides immediate power washing services for heavy equipment, and we'll come to you. Learn more about our reliable, same day service and schedule a cleaning now for all of your heavy equipment needs.


Railcar Washing

The management of railcars demands timely and unique cleaning requirements.

Scotts will power wash your railcars in an environmentally sound, cost effective way that satisfies the demands of your specialized industry. Find out about graffiti removal, power washing for railcars, remote cleaning services, high volume jobs and how Scotts is ready to help.


Equipment Sales & Service

If you want professional grade power washing, but don't want to contract with a service, we've just made your life easier.

Scotts Pressure Wash now sells top-of-line power washing equipment to assist in your next power washing project. In addition we're also providing maintenance services for customers. Find out more about new products & services and how we can help your business.