Scotts Pressure Wash Professional Affiliations

At Scotts Pressure Wash, we've made it our business to stay on top of the power cleaning industry. We lead the way through technological and materials innovations, as well as through our  steadfast commitment to the environment. Our professional affiliations, partnerships and industry associations create a powerful network of information that we continually help to build.

Proud Member: Power Washers of North America (PWNA)
Power Washers of North America (PWNA) has long been the recognized leader in developing the highest standards of ethical business practices, environmental awareness and safety through continuing education and active representation of its membership. Through its association with PWNA, Scotts has achieved certification as an Environmental Contract Cleaner. In the recent past, Scotts received the honorable distinction of being PWNA’s “Most Valuable Member.”

Professional Affiliation: Hydra Equipment Ltd.
Hydra Equipment, Ltd. is a certified sales and service centre for the power washing industry’s most respected name brand products.” For power washing equipment sales, service and custom manufacturing, visit the Hydra Equipment website.

Professional Affiliation: Landa Cleaning Systems
Scotts Pressure Wash uses and recommends LANDA Cleaning Systems. “Built to last, Landa’s legendary quality results from its more than 35 years of experience focusing on every detail that goes into building a quality, long lasting pressure washer.” Visit the Hydra Equipment website for more information.

Professional Affiliation: Hydro Tek Cleaning Equipment
Scotts Pressure Wash recommends Hydro Tek for high quality cold, hot and steam pressure washers. “The chosen equipment by industry professionals like Industrial, Commercial and Contract Cleaners, Heavy Construction, Fleet Maintenance, Agricultural and Government agencies.” Hydra Equipment is an Authorized Dealer for Hydro Tek.

Professional Affiliation: ReKRETE Canada
Scotts Pressure Wash recommends ReKRETE Canada waterless concrete cleaner for removing hydrocarbon stains from concrete and asphalt. “ReKRETE waterless concrete cleaner is fast and easy. The entire stain is removed from within the concrete pores without power equipment or water, and with a natural by-product of CO2, there’s no hazardous chemicals or run-off.” Visit the ReKRETE website to learn about removing oil stains.

Professional Affiliation: eClean Magazine
Scotts Pressure Wash owners are also publishers of the exclusive pressure washing and contract cleaning resource magazine. The magazine and website covers articles written for contractors, by contractors and covers residential and commercial cleaning, vehicle washing, kitchen exhaust, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and other specialty areas. Visit for industry profiles, marketing and business management information, add-on services, safety, industry happenings and more.