With more than five decades dedicated to keeping Canadian companies clean and happy, we know we're doing something right.

Business owners who regularly invest in their corporate image are well-advised to do some due diligence when choosing a power washing company. To be certain, not all cleaning crews are cut from the same cloth. Will the job be done to your satisfaction? Are equipment safeguards and environmental standards observed? Did you get value for your dollar? The answers to these questions will easily separate qualified candidates from the lesser-thans. 

At Scotts Pressure Wash, we've honed our customer-focused, ecologically responsible business model for generations. From our specialized equipment and washing procedures down to the composition of our cleaning agents, we have a formula that never fails to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients. Below are just a few of the reasons why Scotts stands out as a clear leader in Canada's industrial power washing industry.

We Turn Up the Heat

At Scotts, we adhere to the cardinal rule that whatever cold water cleans, hot water will clean better and faster.

We exclusively use washing systems that heat the water above 99 degrees Celcius. Hot water is packed with energy that's released into the cleaning equation with a powerful punch. This energy also reduces the water’s surface tension, enabling it to better penetrate molecules of grease and grime.


We're Fully Accredited and Certified

The strength of our industry partnerships means peace of mind to our clients.

At Scotts Pressure Wash, we make it our business to stay on top of the power cleaning industry, from our technical innovation and environmental commitment to our professional accreditation. Our affiliations, partnerships and industry associations create a vital knowledge network that we continually help strengthen.


We Do the Right Thing

At Scotts Pressure Wash, eco-friendly isn’t just a marketing buzzword.

We rigorously adhere to all regional and provincial wastewater management requirements, and we exclusively use 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergents. What’s more, our two-step cleaning process contains chemicals that react with one another before returning to the environment in a nearly-neutral state. Rest easy knowing you're getting a green clean with Scotts.


We Reclaim our Water

Water is not just essential to our business model – it’s also the planet’s most precious resource.

We properly dispose of wastewater used during the power washing process by capturing and processing water runoff. This means our wash water can be recycled and reused for irrigation, groundwater recharge, industrial cooling processes, and more. This also equates to minimum liability and maximum karma for our clients.


We Give an Ironclad Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with your Scotts wash. But if for any reason you’re not, it's on us.

If you ever find yourself not fully satisfied with the quality of our work, there will be no charge, period. When we put our promise in writing, you can be certain of our commitment to providing you with reliable service, a superior power wash, and complete satisfaction.




A squeaky clean fleet is just a click away.

With a network of convenient locations across western Canada, more than 25 mobile wash units and a dedicated team of hot water power washing professionals, peace of mind comes standard with every Scotts experience.