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A Highly Effective, Environmentally Friendly Shine

BIOSHINE is an exceptional solution for fleet vehicles that need to look their absolute best.

Scotts BIOSHINE is a vast improvement over the traditional method of aluminum brightening that relied on a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction between an acid and a base produced heat to remove oxidation. 

Our revolutionary 2-step BIOSHINE system uses an acid-based agent that does a great job without reliance on thermal heat. You can use cold water and still achieve exceptional results. BIOSHINE can be used on steel or aluminum to make the surface look brand new. Our 100% biodegradable BIOSHINE cleaning agent is tailor-made for all fleets — commercial or private — including tanks, rims and other equipment that requires regular cleaning. Talk to us today about making your fleet shine its brightest.




Client Love

"In order to maintain the highest level of safety standards, it is imperative that the buses be clean and visible. We chose Scotts Pressure Wash as our fleet washing service provider because they are reliable, efficient and they provide a good quality service. The staff is very personable and they are very sincere about meeting our needs. We’ve had other power wash companies try to get on board with us, but we stick with Scotts because we know we can depend on them."

Harry Davis
Southland Transportation Ltd.