For the agricultural industry, functional heavy equipment is crucial for success. Seeders, sprayers, reapers, combine harvesters, and other heavy machinery are the muscles of agricultural operations. Without reliable farming equipment, modern agriculture can’t be productive. If a machine breaks due to built-up, hardened grime, crops could stand rotting in the field. To avoid downtime and wasted crops, it’s best to regularly clean agricultural equipment. And while it’s possible to rent a power washer and clean machinery yourself, we recommend partnering with a professional pressure washing company, for the following three reasons..

Benefits of Regular Heavy Equipment Washing from a Pro Pressure Washing Firm

1. Avoid Damaging Equipment.

Power washing may seem like a rather self-explanatory task, but the truth is that a pressure washer can cause serious damage in the hands of an amateur. Nozzle selection, pressure settings, technique, and detergent choice are key choices to avoid harming expensive agricultural equipment. Professional power washers have the experience and know-how to thoroughly clean machinery without causing damage.

2. Affordable, Sanitary Results.

Farming is already a margin-tight industry. Hiring a professional gives you all the benefits of powerful pressure washing, without the steep investment in equipment and training that would be required were you to clean machinery in-house. Professional power washing outfits appreciate the importance of thorough cleaning, not only for maximizing the lifespan of machinery, but also to meet sanitation standards. Dairy farms, cattle ranches, meat producers, and many other agricultural businesses must deeply clean equipment, in order to avoid contamination of goods. Professional power washers can sanitize equipment efficiently, helping you meet Canada Agricultural Products Act and Food Inspection Agency Act requirements.

3. Eco-Friendly Operations.

For agricultural producers, being friendly to the environment is more than a nice thing to do—it’s key for the safety of your products, livestock, and employees. Professional power washing companies can deal with the unique ecological challenges of agricultural equipment cleaning, such as pesticide removal and suspended solids. Pros can also vacuum up water run-off, to avoid tainting your land and water supplies. For instance, fertilizers and manure can contaminate ground water with nitrate pollution. By applying professional-grade techniques, pressure washing firms can protect your land while also helping you meet regional and national environmental standards.

To schedule agricultural equipment cleaning across Canada, call us. Scotts Pressure Wash technicians will arrive on time, clean equipment to your specifications and legal requirements, and alert you of any looming breakdowns. For instance, if they spot a fluid leak while cleaning, they’ll let you know that repairs may be required. You can trust Scotts Pressure Wash to thoroughly clean agricultural equipment in an eco-friendly way.