A coastal seaport, Vancouver, B.C., is one of the most livable and interesting cities in the country. As the fourth most densely populated city in North America, Vancouver had humble beginnings as the Gastown settlement in the late 1800s. The townsite was renamed “Vancouver” when it became incorporated in 1886. The next year, the transcontinental railway extended to the city’s seaport, becoming a vital part of the trade route between Europe, Asia and eastern Canada. With the most diversified port in North America, a large forestry industry, major film production studios, bustling transit system and tourists consistently flocking to the city, Vancouver power washing companies help maintain the city’s iconic charm and beauty. 

Major Industries in Vancouver

Vancouver, B.C., is a Beta global city, as it plays a critical role in the global economic system. As the gateway to the Pacific Rim, the city’s major industries include:

  • International trade and transportation: As Canada’s largest port and a major port for pan-Pacific trade, Vancouver has more total foreign exports than any other port in North America. Its central location makes it an ideal hub for mining companies, banks, forestry products, software development and more. In addition to its ports, transcontinental railway and highway systems keep the city in good standing with more than 90 trading economies.
  • Film: Nicknamed “Hollywood North,” about 10 percent of Hollywood movies are shot in Vancouver. Several television and film series are also filmed in the city, as several locations look similar to other parts of the world. After Los Angeles and New York, Vancouver is North America’s third largest movie producer and the second largest producer of television shows.
  • Technology: Thanks to its great reputation, Vancouver’s high-technology sector continues to grow in areas such as e-commerce and software development. Several foreign technology companies have also established operations in the city by creating headquarters or acquiring other companies. Vancouver is also a hub for video game developers, tech startups and fuel cell technology researchers.
  • Tourism: Tourism is critical to Vancouver’s economy. Popular attractions include its ski resorts, Chinatown, gardens, aquarium, parks and beaches. It also hosts millions of guests en route to cruises each year.

Vancouver Power Washing

Vancouver has been hailed as one of the most livable cities in the world for over a decade because of its high quality of living, urban planning and focus on preserving green spaces. Scotts is proud to serve one of the most diverse and beautiful cities in Canada with our commercial power washing services. However, we are more than a Vancouver power washing company; we preserve your good image.

With tourists, local customers, business travelers and employees at your organization daily, power washing promotes positive brand awareness and loyalty. As the largest independent power washing company in the country, our quality services and competitive rates benefit the area’s major attractions and industries.

Our Vancouver power washing services include:

  • Green cleaning: Power washing uses significantly less water than traditional cleaning methods. Our trained specialists always use Scotts’ proprietary biodegradable detergents and are leaders in wastewater reclamation. Green cleaning is Scotts’ standard, not a service that costs you extra.
  • Commercial property cleaning: Make your commercial property sparkle from the inside out. Vancouver business owners regularly hire Scotts to clean the interior and exterior of commercial buildings and the grounds that surround them. Our specialists are equipped to tackle any project, including graffiti removal, hardscaping beautification, surface preparation, construction cleaning and more.
  • Mobile fleet washing: Scotts’ network includes fleet washing bays and mobile fleet washing services, so your vehicles look great throughout the year.
  • Heavy equipment washing: Clean equipment functions better and lasts longer. Take advantage of Scotts’ on-site power washing services for your operations. Our customers include, but aren’t limited to, those at shipyards, rail stations, warehouses, construction sites, food processing facilities, farms, logistical centres, airports and industrial operations.
  • Rail cleaning: Offering the most efficient and cost-effective railcar cleaning services in the country, Scotts specialists clean up to 125 cars—a whole train unit—in less than a week.

At Scotts, we take as much pride in our power washing services as you do in your city. Request a complimentary quote today to learn how affordable it is to keep your operations and equipment looking like new.