Increasingly, companies are weaving sustainability and green initiatives into their business practices. Progressive business owners are seeking systems, programs and vendors that can ensure a win for the environment as well as their bottom line. Being green is no longer a cost of doing business; it is a catalyst for innovation, opportunity, and success.

At Scotts, “green” isn’t just another marketing buzzword. Our steadfast commitment to the environment is evident in every cleaning job we undertake. Here are just a few reasons why.

Hotter is Better

One variable that separates Scotts from its pressure washing competitors is our use of water heated to 99 degrees Celsius. Hot water is packed with energy that's released into the cleaning equation with a powerful punch. This energy also reduces the water’s surface tension, enabling it to better penetrate molecules of grease and grime while relying less on detergents.

No Harsh Chemicals

Another differentiator – and this is a big one – is our custom-formulated BIOSHINE cleaning system. Scotts BIOSHINE is a vast improvement over the traditional method of aluminum brightening that relied on a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction between an acid and a base produced heat to remove oxidation.

Our revolutionary two-step BIOSHINE system uses an acid-based agent that does a great job without reliance on thermal heat. BIOSHINE can be used on steel or aluminum to make the surface look brand new. Most important of all, BIOSHINE is 100% biodegradable.

Watch Your Water

Soaps, especially those that contain borax or phosphates, are harmful to all aquatic life. They adversely affect the immune systems of fish, and they can also create algae blooms that rob the water of oxygen. Not to mention, oils and other toxins carried in the waste water add to the toxic equation.

Municipal bylaws in all Canadian cities prohibit washing vehicles anywhere waste water could drain into storm drains. Storm drains catch rain water from city streets and reintroduce it back into the ecosystem without being treated. If your present fleet cleaner tells you that water recovery isn’t required, they’re just not coming clean. If you own either the vehicle that’s being washed – or the property where untreated chemicals and soaps are being disposed of – you can face hefty fines from the municipality, plus the costs of any water or soil reclamation that maybe required.

SCOTTS protects the environment (while protecting clients from liability) by ensuring waste water from any fleet cleaning activity is properly handled. When the water used in our cleaning processes can’t be properly disposed of on site, wastewater is vacuumed into storage tanks and transported to an appropriate disposal facility.

From proprietary zero-impact cleaning agents to stringent water management and reclamation practices, we set the highest environmental standards for ourselves while setting the pace for the rest of the industry. Scotts has also been at the forefront of leading environmental protection and awareness initiatives such as Power Washers of North America (PWNA) and H2O GreenClean. Looking to do the right thing for your company as well as the environment? Contact Scotts Pressure Wash Today for a premium quality hot water power washing service that won’t compromise the planet.