When first impressions are everything, power washing can help your commercial property maintain its curb appeal. Business owners can agree that dirt, graffiti, and other contaminants negatively impact their business, while customers agree that appearance is a large factor in determining their use of it’s services. See how taking the time to upkeep the appearance of your business is not only important for the return on investment of your company, but also safeguards your building from potential vandalism or crime.

Crime & Vandalism

While you may view your dirty building as the next item on your chore list, crime-related individuals may see it as a blank wall for their next graffiti creation. Your company’s reputation is unfortunately upheld by the cleanliness of your building, and stands no match against daily vandalism. Even worse, vandalized walls act as a beacon to criminals, and further results in a stronger chance of another crime-related case occurring. Canadians unanimously agree that graffiti and vandalism are conflicts within their communities, and further use a sign of vandalism or crime as a deciding factor when choosing a business. Either way, businesses are losing out.



When choosing a source of business, Canadians reported that a neighborhood or business was 30% more likely to be viewed as a safe location when cleanliness was emphasized. Neighborhood clean up service projects have reflected crime rates to drop as much as 30%, and reduced burglaries by 22%. When 95% of customers say exterior appearance influences where they shop, your building’s exterior wellness should be a top priority. Power washing helps safeguard your image—and profits.


Maintenance Prevention

By choosing to have your business commercially power washed, business owners can expect many benefits other than just a sparkling appearance. Power washing ensures that your next cleaning time will be cut in half… now who wouldn’t want that? Not to mention that your business will reduce the likelihood of a reoccurring crime-related or graffiti instance by 85%, and potential customers will feel confident in their choice to exercise your services.


Do your business a favor, and easily maintain your ROI by using Scott’s commercial power washing services to keep your business clean, well visited and safe. Check out the infographic below that breaks down why using a professional power washing service is in the best interest of your company.