Each new year starts with a resolution. For fleet managers, this resolution often involves improving productivity, driver retention and customer service. As you wrap up 2016 and welcome 2017, integrating fleet washing could help your company and its drivers excel in ways you never imagined. Jumpstart the new year by integrating tips that will put your company’s best “foot” forward every time a fleet vehicle rolls out onto the open road.

1. Driver Retention

Experiencing more driver turnover than is profitable for your business? As the driver shortage in North America increases, it’s important to keep your drivers happy and satisfied. A well-kept fleet shows your drivers you care about their comfort and work and can help reduce employee turnover. Keep in mind that while other perks are beneficial for drivers, they spend most of their time in their fleet vehicle. Make sure you’re keeping them content with a clean and comfortable fleet to help with retention and increase loyalty for the year to come.

2. Detail Your Fleet

Looks do matter. Your fleet vehicles are the public face of your operation, so it’s important that they always look their best. Start the new year with a detailed cleaning of all the vehicles in your fleet. In addition to semi-trucks, power washing companies in Canada can wash tractors, dump trucks, utility trucks, passenger vehicles, buses, and trailers. Don’t forget about cleaning the engine, as this will promote a vehicle’s longevity. After detailing your fleet, make regular fleet power washing a part of the maintenance routine. In addition to truck wash bays, Scotts offers mobile fleet washing services throughout the country that will meet your drivers on the road.

3. Save Money

How much does your company spend on washing its fleet vehicles? If your drivers are responsible for this task, there is a good chance that you are spending too much. When considering the cost of fleet washing, you must Trucks in a linetake into account the number of trucks in your fleet, annual washing frequency, employee wages, the cost of cleaning chemicals and power washing equipment, and how long it takes an employee to wash a truck. To get a good idea of how much you’re spending to clean your vehicles, use this simple cost calculator.

Because Scotts’ power washing specialists are trained and experienced in cleaning fleet vehicles, they complete the task in a fraction of the time. They’re also available throughout the year, so cold weather doesn’t stop your trucks from looking their best. Fleet washing also saves companies money because it:

Makes vehicles more fuel efficient Makes vehicles more visible on the road, which helps prevent collisions Eliminates the overhead costs related to employee training and purchasing and maintaining power washing equipment Improves your brand’s image, sending more new customers in your direction Reduces maintenance and repair costs Makes vehicles less likely to be inspected, keeping them on the road longer.

4. Enhance Efficiency

When considering financial savings that fleet power washing offers, it is also important to determine how the service will make your organization more productive and efficient. In general, it takes a layperson about 30 minutes to power wash a vehicle. At Scotts, our specialists clean up to eight semi-trucks in an hour—less than eight minutes for each truck. Imagine the productivity your drivers would gain with an extra 22 minutes in their day.

5. Boost Driver Morale

When traveling from Point A to Point B, your drivers have a strict deadline. The last thing they want to do while they’re on the job, on a break or during their free time is wash the truck. In today’s competitive transportation industry, drivers are scarce. Keeping them loyal is a matter of offering benefits that other companies don’t always offer, such as mobile fleet power washing and truck wash bays. When you keep your driver’s happy, they are more efficient, dedicated, productive and well rested.

6. Go Green

In many municipalities throughout Canada, residents receive significant fines for allowing wastewater from washing a vehicle to go down storm drains. Avoid receiving fines by taking advantage of Scotts’ green power washing services. The proprietary chemicals used are biodegradable, and our specialists are certified in pollution prevention. As an “Environmentally Aware”-certified contractor through the Power Washers of North America, we reclaim wastewater and dispose of it properly to prevent contaminants from draining into local watersheds.

Whether your goal for 2017 is to improve driver retention rates, enhance productivity or grow your profits, Scotts’ fleet power washing solutions will provide the support you need. Get in touch with a specialist today to learn more and receive a quote.